Suffering Abolitionism: for compassionate and thoughtful interventions against the horrors of suffering in the near and distant future

How about we abolish suffering?

How about we abolish suffering?

The purpose of this website is to increase a differential understanding about sentient experiences and causes of suffering. As suffering abolitionists we want to reduce the amount and the risk of unbearable suffering. Naturally, this involves increasing well-being and sustainable bliss for all sentient beings.

With this website, we aim to foster an understanding of suffering and well-being, by addressing important underlying mechanisms from both a biological and psychological perspective. 

We hope to engage a community of suffering abolitionists and establish a productive and collaborative community-culture among goal-oriented people. To tackle the complex challenges on our hands, we believe that we need to grow diverse, resourceful and ambitious groups to work on many different cause areas of suffering.

Hopefully, together we will be able to apply thoughtful and effective problem-solving methodology and reduce suffering not just in the near but also distant future.

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Further readings on why to care for suffering the most:

On the seriousness of suffering by Brian Tomasik (one of the most influential activist/writers in the broader community) 

The veil of ignorance considerations by John Rawls

On the relevance of sentience and antispecisiem see Effective Altruism Foundation 
or Animal Ethics

The Ethics of Wild Animal Suffering by Ole Martin Moen

General resource page on suffering-focused ethics


This page was first published on 04 Mar 2022.